Professionals - How Improv Classes Can Help You Cope In A Virtual Reality World


Acting classes are not just for comedians and entertainers. All professionals can benefit from attending these types of classes. You need certain experiences to reach your peak performance and achieve overall success in life. It is important to be prepared in a world that is filled with millennials. This generation is obsessed with technology, wants everything quick and has no compassion. You must know how to respond to people from all different backgrounds.

18 March 2018

Getting Active & Making Friends In A New City


Did moving to a new city lead to you sitting around at home a lot because you haven't had a chance to make friends? Are you beginning to notice that being inactive is causing you to gain unwanted weight? If you love to dance or would like to begin as a hobby, it is a great way to resolve your problems. There are also other ways to start being more active and keeping the weight off, but it depends on what you have access to in your city.

16 February 2018